is a next evolutionary level in experiencing the beauty of life. through the music and it’s connection with the space. the surrounding world will bring peace into your SOUL

top ten for june 2014 / me & Gazelle joined by mr Pony selection /

end of another month and time to show whats new in the bags. it was a nice afternoon with Gazelle, mr Pony, loads of records and endless LOVE

01. theo parrish - footwork - sound signature
02. taylor mcFerrin - early riser - brainfeeder
03. various - a trunk records sampler vol.1 - trunk
04. various - moon rock vol.1 - throne of blood
05. nick monaco - six blade knife - wolf + lamb black
06. garnier - a whistle for frankie - mcde recordings
07. petwo evans - tumble - huntley + palmers
08. fur - pulp - unthank
09. herbert - one two three - accidental
10. kim brown - rubies, riches and crowns - permanent vacation

dalston screentest selection

i made a selection of songs i believe sounds good with exhibition. enjoy with LOVE miro This February curators Ryan Lanji & Saskia Wickins unveil a two-part exhibition celebrating some of Dalston’s cultural icons through a modern interpretation of Andy Warhol’s iconic screen tests. Dalston has been an area infused with creativity due to its continuous support for art and music. Over the past years it’s undeniable that this unique district of north-east London has unknowingly had the same Warholian effect on ostracised creatives in search for a home and an outlet for their eccentricities. Landmarks such as Dalston Superstore and new additions like Stunt Dolly have championed the heritage of Dalston and understand its strength as a culturally mosaic community. DALSTON SCREENTESTS EXHIBITION Exhibition run: February 12th – May 11th, 2014 A two-part exhibition at Dalston Superstore & Stunt Dolly Curated By: Ryan Lanji & Saskia Wickins

Dalston screentest selection by Sundaymusiq on Mixcloud

it’s just begin… top ten for may 2014

i just realised how long i haven’t done the chart. so i said to Gazelle - time for a new chart before the ride! and we started to listen to some latest records. it’s a music we love to listen this May. feel inspired. with LOVE

01. melanie de biasio - i’m gonna leave you - play it again Sam
02. fatima - yellow memories - eglo
03. copeland - because i’m worth it - white label
04. panoram - everyone is a door - firecracker
05. damh - black night ep - kompakt
06. bambooman - dulcet - sonic router
07. prins thomas - III - full pupp
08. mark e - being hiding - spectral sound
09. unknown artist - we do it - whitelabel
10. khidja - mustafa and abdul - emotional especial

fillin’ up the record bag september 2013

01. thundercat - apocalypse - brainfeeder
02. various - trust - other people
03. jimi tenor feat impostor orchestra - exocosmos - sähkö recordings
04. far out monster disco orchestra - vendetta - marcellus pittman remix - far out
05. psychemagik - spiced odyssey - discotheque wreckers
06. zero 7 - on my own - white label
07. steve reich - nagoya marimba - hnny edit - no rights reserved
08. various - kill yourself dancing - still music
09. billy w. - kick and flutter - kinfolk
10. jono mcCleery - ballade - ninja tune

one sunday afternoon in july

critical amount of new records means one thing only - time to post longer set. even i had to cut first song because of soundcloud robots w blocking your live recorded sets, from your weekly public joint, you do with your original records / yes vinyl records / you paid for strange anyway. mixing, no mixing… more than 3hours of music we like enjoy with LOVE miro p.s. no tracklist, more love

Miro is mixin’ at cafe1001 - end of july 2013 by Sundaymusiq on Mixcloud

if you see the record bag in may…

01. lubomyr melnyk - corollaries - erased tapes
02. dean blunt - redeemer - hippos in tanks
03. marti caine - love the way you love me - remastered - late night tales
04. archie pelago - the sly gazebo ep - archie pelago music
05. radioslave - tantakatan - prins thomas diskomiks - rekids
06. terranova feat bon homme - you - kompakt
07. move d - to the disco ‘77 - electric minds
08. osunlade - camera shy - andres remix - yoruba rec
09. prince language - stay up - edit - editions disco
10. grace jones - the balearic sound of… - sunkissed rec